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Raptor (Fortnite), trend of July 20, 2018

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Ready for a safari?

akinator safari

If Akinator can guess the animal that you have in your mind?

In the new application, the famous genie is turn into an animals photographer and he invites you for an unforgettable safari!
Think of an animal, answer the questions ok Akinator. He will both find it and take a picture for you.

The youngest can play too!

Thanks to the text to speech, no need to read questions, Akinator speaks.
The buttons have intuitive color codes to make easier the understanding of answers.
And the Akinator's buddy has some surprises...

Find them all and finish your albums!

Many albums have been created to collect all animals that you have thought of.
Will you be able to fill them all?

Available right now on your favourite app store.

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